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GAO Opines NASA To Have Alternative Plan Ready For ISS Access

According to one of the latest reports by Government Accountability Office, it is stated that NASA should develop a contingency plan so that it can access the ISS easily after September 2020 as additional commercial vehicles could cause delay.

Back on June 20, 2019, GAO stated a report in which it mentioned that companies like SpaceX and Boeing are developing commercial vehicles. But the companies also deal with lots of delays, so they are not confident enough that they would maintain proper schedules.

As per the report given by GAO, Boeing and SpaceX have made enough progress in hardware testing and un-crewed flights. Due to continuous delay incidences from both the contractors it is highly uncertain whether they are certified enough to undertake ISS mission any further. The report also focused on the challenges which SpaceX and Boeing is facing during the vehicle manufacture.

At present, SpaceX is also dealing with investigation after Crew Dragon Spacecraft was destroyed in April 2019.The spacecraft is dealing with parachute deployment issues. SpaceX is also working to provide proper propellant loading and dealing to maintain overwrapped pressure so that it can satisfy crewed mission requirements of NASA.

GAO is unsure that whether the companies might meet the deadline because they have received various closure notice from NASA. Back in July 2018, agency had issued a report in which it stated that both SpaceX and Boeing have delayed the spacecraft deliveries by 7 and 12 months.

It is also assumed that SpaceX couldn’t make up to its certification date for September 2019 since the company is under investigation due to the spacecraft incident which took place in April 2019. On the other hand, Boeing has stated that it will provide a test for un-crewed and crewed flights on August and November 2019, but now their tentative dates are likely to shift further.

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