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Beautiful And Detailed Atlas Of Space Shows Over 18k Celestial Objects

Traditionally, the map of solar system provides a view of eight planets which rotate around the sun. In contrast to this, the new map of solar system which is made by Eleanor Lutz makes you to see more than 18000 different celestial bodies of the outer space.

Lutz prefers to present hyper-detailed art works which she designs out of various public data. In her latest art work which is called as Atlas of Space, she had used data which is provided by NASA and the Geological Survey of America for over a decade.

Eleanor Lutz presented her latest work back on June 10, 2019, and it uses orbital data from several sources. In her present project, asteroid and Kuiper belt is showcased in a great detail. On her website, Eleanor Lutz wrote that the position of every asteroid which she had showcased in the map is exactly the same what it had been on 1999’s New Year Eve. She also wrote that her map of solar system contains 10,000 asteroids and 8,000 random objects whose size is unknown.

The present work of Lutz considers the macro map of the solar system. In upcoming weeks the doctoral candidate is also planning to showcase the topographical mapping of Venus and Mercury. She is also planning to make a map of several cosmic bodies which are very close to the planet earth. Eleanor promised that her new maps of Mars as well as Venus will be more than hypnotizing.

In her mapping Eleanor Lutz had designed the Kuiper belt on which green asteroids have been showcased. Lutz also wrote that more than 10% of the total revolution time Pluto is much closer to the surface of the sun in comparison to Neptune. In the present mapping made by Lutz, Pluto is showcased inside the orbit of planet Neptune.

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