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Federatsiya Spacecraft Not Ready For Emergency Water Landing

Igor Verkhovsky, who is a senior official working at the RSC Corporation based in Russia stated that the Federation spacecraft crew may be killed if the carrier turns out to be a failure. The carrier, in such a case, would be forced to make an emergency splashdown, somewhere in Pacific Ocean limits.

However, Russia does not own any high-speed vessels that could be used for a rescue mission, located in the region, thus complicating matters up. He called for steps to be taken to ensure that even if the mission winds up a failure, its crew may live and survive through the ordeal. Verkhovsky added that this could be a gigantic problem when an emergency arises during the launching of the spacecraft.

The flight is set to be a manned mission, launched from Vostonchnycosmodrome. Upon a failure, the spacecraft would crash into Pacific Ocean, where Russia has no high-speed ships, owned by either its civil fleet or the Navy.

Many days could be lost in setting up arrangements for the return of the crashed astronauts and this could cause the entire crew to die out, waiting for emergency rescue teams to arrive at their location, where they had made the emergency landing. He was speaking at the IYIF conference in Orenburg.

Verkhovsky stressed for the need to upgrade Federation’s parachute landing tech, with an enhanced and better-capable version.

He stated that this spacecraft was originally supposed to have reactive landing tech equipped into it. However, the whole situation turned complicated because Russia had no adequate landing sites which were suitable enough for the purposes.

Energia designed the new and manned Federation spacecraft, which can deliver cargo and people to an Earth orbit, along with deliveries to the moon. 4 people will be manning the spacecraft.

The spacecraft will stay for around thirty days in automated mode, extendable to a full year. 2022 will see the spacecraft being launched if all goes as per plan.

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