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Amazon Supposedly Operating On A Better-Sounding Echo

In spite of an influx of new devices in 2018, Amazon’s Echo possibly is not the first thing you think for high fidelity. The firm needs to alter that by launching a higher-quality edition of the Echo to better vie against the like of Sonos, as per media. Lab126 research department of Amazon has supposedly created prototypes that are bigger as compared to the present Echo so as to pack in at least 4 tweeters.

An Echo with enhanced sound quality makes a lot of logic, taking into consideration that Amazon might be rolling out a high-fidelity edition of its Music Unlimited platform for $15 every month. It also offers it a method to vie against Google’s Home Max, a device with enhanced fidelity versus anything Amazon has to provide.

While Amazon has a very contented lead in the smart speaker industry, it has been dropping slowly while Google’s share increases up. Amazon lately launched the Echo Sub for enhanced bass, together with the Echo Plus, which offers enhanced sound as compared to the Echo. On the other hand, it still does not have a product to vie against the Home Max or Alexa-based Sonos speakers, sound-wise.

On a similar note, Bloomberg also claimed that Amazon has increased up work on Vesta, a home robot first seen in 2018. It seems that the firm has been assigning employees from other projects to operate on the robot, a hint that it is fairly serious about making it public.

As per media reports, it can be a type of mobile Alexa that keeps following you around similar to a dog, delivering movies or music to any portion of your home. It uses computer vision to navigate, is supposedly waist-high, and can be called using voice. Now, users are waiting for Vesta to launch and so is Amazon.

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