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D-Link Consents To A 10-Year Security Probe To Settle FTC Court Case

D-Link has negotiated a 2-year-old court case filed over its products’ insufficient security by the FTC, and it has decided to a few conditions to put the problem to bed. To begin with, the firm is needed to execute a comprehensive software security project, which comprises testing devices for flaws before they are launched, current monitoring of its devices to deal safety errors, accepting error reports from security researchers, and automatic security updates.

The FTC took D-Link to court earlier in 2017 over the safety of its IP cameras and routers. FTC claims that the firm failed to deal with preventable security errors, such as amassing passwords in plain text on its app and employing hard-coded login details for its products with easy-to-guess passwords and usernames. The court refused those claims once, since the FTC did not submit sufficient proof to validate them.

While the agency was obviously capable of resurrecting the court case, D-Link claims that court did not find it legally responsible for any alleged breach in the end. The court also came to the verdict that D-Link did not engage in any misleading marketing practices or statements. In addition, the firm claims that it will merely carry on “its present comprehensive software security project” as fraction of the terms of negotiations.

Lastly, D-Link is also needed to go through 3rd-party evaluations of its software security program for a decade. The FTC has to accept the 3rd-party evaluator that D-Link selects, and it needs specific proof to make sure its results are accurate and impartial.

On a related note, specific Linksys WiFi routers may be sharing far more info as compared to their consumers might like. Troy Mursch (security researcher) earlier reported that 33 devices, comprising some Velop and Max-Stream routers, are showing histories of their entire device connection (comprising device names, MAC addresses, and OS editions) online.

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