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Alzheimer’s: Cell Mechanism Removes Defective Protein

Ultimately the scientists found the core reason for developing different neurological diseases that are degenerative. Alzheimer like diseases were not founding a permanent cure according to medical science. There are different things that are there in the science already and that is related to the brain and the protein defects there on the brains.

Researches were on for a long time and now the scientists have come up with the best of the concepts on the same. They found that it is the defective protein in the brain cells and that is causing the neurological blockage, resulting in Alzheimer type diseases and in some cases temporary neurological diseases like a migraine.

As a remedy of the same, scientists have charged a special type of protein called Vacuolar protein and that has successfully replaced the defective tau protein in the brain cells. The research, since found success at the first stage, has been reported by Prof. Domenico Partico to be very much on the right track and will be going for the second stage of the same too.

There are different factors that are related to the same and one of that is definitely the funding that is needed for the next level of the researches, the professor said to our news agency. He also claimed that he is sure that such a big success will definitely help the government to think about it and support related to the same in all aspects are expected very much.

Science and application of medical science have found some of the best success this year and there are still things to come, all the things stating one thing – the main reason or the criteria is interior and that is needed to be sorted out for the right cure of the diseases.

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