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Toys R U Back To Business, Partner With A Tech Firm

As per the latest news, Toys R U is about to open two branches, in the month of November, one at New Jersey and other at Houston. This will provide an opportunity to people to shop during the holiday season. These stores are considered as a joint initiative between b8ta, which is a software retailer and Tru Kids, this company is trying to manage names of the brands after Toys R U got liquidated in 2018.

After Toys R U shut down near around 800 stores in America, Angelo Gordon, an investment firm and Solus Alternative Asset Management started to control several brand names of the company viz. Babies R Us, Geoffrey and Toys R Us.

Toys R U is planning not to commit similar mistakes this time. Analysts have pointed several factors which lead the company to its downfall which includes overconfidence, crippling debt, Amazon as a prime competitor and Walmart provided discount on toys’ pricing, to attract large number of customers.

Richard Barry stated that it is nearly impossible to rebuild the image of brand which is large as Toys R U. Till 2020; Toys R U is planning to open 10 stores in America. Previously, the company had opened stores around 40,000 square feet, but at present; overall area of their stores will be around 603.8 to929.03 square meters.

Furthermore, b8ta is planning to provide Toys R U thorough assistance so that it can create beautiful shops within such a small area. Back in 2017, Toys R U re-launched the web portal which further escalated the problem for the company and then it had to liquidate its assets.

Tru Kids will be offered analytical data from b8ta so that it can keep a track on foot traffic inside as well as outside of the store so that the company could make wise decisions. With the present partnership with b8ta, Tru Kids got a negotiation tool with which it is trying to get attention of brands and make them sell products through its retail stores.

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