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Possible Reasons For Higher Incidence Of Alzheimer’s In Women

As per the latest news women tend to suffer more from Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to male population. A team of scientists has stated that they might have the answer for this cause. Recently, researchers have discovered how tau protein spreads differently in the brain of male and female population. Tau protein has direct links to Alzheimer’s disease.

In the report, it was stated that tau protein infects the brain by spreading from one neuron to the other. The protein also degrades other proteins which causes the cells of human brain to die. During the study, investigators performed PET scans on patients who were suffering mildly from cognitive impairment and healthy individuals. They then created graph for these tests.

While conversing with the press, Sepi Shokouhi said that the graph basically showcases how tau spreads from one region of the brain to the other. During the experimentation, researchers found that Tau forms different structure in men as compared to women, since women have larger bridging regions which provide connectivity to several areas of the brain.

Investigators theorized that due to complex brain pattern in females, tau might be spreading at a faster rate which is making them more prone to Alzheimer’s. Researchers provided the report on Tuesday, the data will be considered as preliminary until it gets published in a medical journal.

At present, the research report has to make a confirmation, that women do suffer due to a high rate of tau spread in their brain. In case the report gets proven then medical professionals might go for sex-specific approaches which might prevent the spreading of disease in women at such a high rate. The treatment will cover areas like remedial help, lifestyle intervention, early treatment etc. Sepi Shokouhi said that it is very important to note how several biological proceedings affect memory.

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