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Google Assistant To Replace Voice Search On Android Devices

Most of the Android users were accustomed to have a voice search option on their home screen which they’re now ready to wave a goodbye to. Google has been investing more of its funds and technology in developing and improving Assistant ever since its inception and is now all set to replace the Voice Search on Android devices with Google Assistant.

Before this change hit the Android devices, the conventional Voice Search was still accessible via the Google App or Search bar widget or through simply the app shortcut. There is hardly a change that user will experience though with minor tweaks being negligible enough for a user to even notice them. The microphone icon on the search bar will perform the action as usual in these apps offering results in the usual built-in Search cards. Voice Search was more accustomed to “OK Google” as the hotword. The voice search icon on your home screen will now be replaced by the Google Assistant icon while the text in search bar will read “Ask Your Assistant” replacing the usual “Say Hey Google” prompt. The interface remains the same but the results will now be shown in a slide-up panel. As of now, the change is yet to take effect for every Android device but will soon be visible on all of them. Google doesn’t wish to offer users with two similar features that do almost the same thing while searching via voice.

Google has recently launched the lite version for Google Photos, a big relief for users looking to arrange their photos offline. Gallery Go, the potential replacement is available for Android 8.1 Oreo and higher and will just take up 10MB of the device storage for installation. The app is available on Play Store and is designed to help users with incessant internet connections.

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