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Earlier Meals In The Day Time Aids Weight Loss Says Study

A recent report in the Obesity journal, has described a trial showing how meal timings influence metabolism. The study authors have written that consuming food in tandem with the circadian rhythm, by consuming food early in daytime seems to help in body weight reduction and improvement of metabolic health. They also added that it seems to be unclear which mechanisms actually drive these effects of weight loss effects.

As a result, this new study is first of its kind when it comes to randomized trials in determining how timing of meals affects the 24-hour metabolism of energy in case food intake as well as meal frequency get matched.

For this study, researchers compared data of two groups having people who consumed identical three meals every day for a period of 4 days. However, they did so using different timings: control schedule and eTRF or restricted feeding of the early time type.

A group of 11 males and females finished the trial with 6 being in eTRF group while the remaining 5 were in control group. For qualifying to participate in the trial, the individuals had to possess good health, fall in the age category of 25–45 years, while carrying extra weight.

While the individuals of eTRF group had their breakfast at 8 o’clock in the morning, they consumed their day’s last meal at 2 p.m. The group fasted after that for nearly 18 hours and breakfasted on the following day.

On the other hand, individuals belonging to control group had their breakfast at 8 a.m. in the morning. The last meal for their day was around 8 p.m. As a result, this group fasted for nearly 12 hours prior to their breakfast the following day.

Study authors compared the schedule of the control group to median reported dinner and breakfast times when it comes to American adults.

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