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Not All Apples Will Keep The Doctor Away—New Study Suggests

Apple is considered good for the health and that is reason it is popular fruit in the world. As per the statistics, the U.S. alone produced over 5 million tons of apples in 2018. In 2015, a research published in the Pediatrics journal discovered that around 18.9% of any toddler’s total intake of fruits consists of apples.

The beloved fruit forms a brilliant nutrient source, consisting of vitamin C, natural antioxidants, more than one vitamin of the B-complex group as well as numerous minerals. The fruit also provides an ample amount of dietary fibers.

But, like every other raw material of food, apples also host to microorganisms which enter our gut and thereby colonize it. The phenomenon is usually temporary. But this bacteria exchange can have severe impact on health.

In recent times, a research team from Austria’s Graz Technology University attempted in finding out information regarding bacteria that accompany apples. In particular, they tried to find out if there was any difference between bacteria present in hand-grown, organic apples, and the ones present in usual apples bought from the store, having had excess exposure when it comes to chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

The findings of the team have appeared in the Microbiology Frontiers journal. It has highlighted the large amount of bacteria were carried by usual apple. The study also shows how these bacterial populations in an organic apple can affect the taste of the fruit as well as the health of the consumer.

According to Professor Gabrielle Berg, who is the senior author of the study, the fungi, viruses and bacteria in the food we consume transiently colonize the gut. Most of these are killed by cooking. As a result, raw vegetables and fruits are extremely important sources when it comes to gut microbes. The recent study chose to focus on the bacterial content of apples rather than the already well-documented fungal content.

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